Loader schemes

Py-qgis-server support custom loaders schemes definitions

Qgis projects path are passed in the MAP query parameter of the request. By default this parameter is interpreted as an url.

If no scheme is specified, the MAP parameter is interpreted as a file path relative to the CACHE_ROOTDIR setting and is handled with the file protocol handler.

Default handlers

Py-qgis-server supports natively the following default schemes:

File protocol

Handle projects file stored on local media. The file: protocol is aliased by default for using the CACHE_ROOTDIR as base path for when looking for projects.

Secure mode:No special limitation

Postgres protocol

The postgres protocol handle file stored in postgres database as supported by Qgis.

Secure mode:Only dbname, schema, authcfg and service query params are allowed. Only the user@ in the netloc part is allowed.

Scheme aliases

Py-qgis-server allow defining custom scheme as scheme aliases. Scheme aliases defines base urls for existing schemes with overrides rules on path and query params:

Schemes aliases are defined by adding the scheme definition in the projects.schemes section:



The trailing / is important for the substitution rules. Otherwise the path will interpreted as a base name which is not what you usually want.

In the previous exemple, the MAP=my_relative_scheme:myproject will be substituted with file:relative/path/myproject and searched relatively to the CACHE_ROOTDIR option.

On the other hand, the MAP=my_absolute_scheme:myproject will be substituted with file:/absolute/path/myproject and the file will be searched at /absolute/path/myproject.qgs

Important notes:

  • For security reason, only file path defined from alias may be absolute path: all paths used in the request parameters will be interpreted as relative path.

  • Query parameters defined in the alias scheme take precedence over the query parameters from the MAP parameter.

    There is a special exception when using the {path} expression in the target of alias: only the path of the alias URL will be used in the target url.

    i.e, with the following definition:


    Enable you to protect the postgres scheme from any parameter injection, only the path of the original url will be used.

  • Target of alias cannot be alias